SCROL Conception

Design is the very first step. It defines the objectives and limits of the web project.

SCROL supports you at the very beginning of your web project by producing step by step specifications defining the project. Thanks to this document, the two parties discuss, comment on, develop and project themselves on the future website. The different functions of the site, the navigation tree, the texts and images, the layout, all these elements will be imagined.

How It Works


SCROL writes the first version of the specifications. The client corrects, comments on and amends the first version, while gathering the data to be provided. After several versions and round trips, the final specifications are signed, development can begin.


SCROL recovers your database and harmonizes the data to make it usable by Drupal. Then, the host structure for this data is built, the pages are created, the layout is applied, the online accounts and permissions are managed, the back office is optimized and the site is internally tested.




SCROL provides its customer with a first beta version, functional and as close as possible to the expected result. At this point, the customer is invited to test all functions. The client provides feedback to SCROL to comment and correct the work. SCROL includes the desired changes.

Step Four : Publication

After several round trips between the beta versions, as in design, SCROL and the client align themselves with a final version and officially declare the publication of the site. Everyone can then access the content of the website and natural referencing can begin. The research is online.