SCROL développement


When the design is validated, SCROL enters the development phase, an autonomous phase where the customer does not intervene or intervenes little. If necessary, at the start of development, SCROL takes care of recovering your database (SQL database, Excel file, Access, any spreadsheet, ...) and harmonizes the data to make them usable by Drupal.

SCROL beta-test

Beta test

SCROL provides its client with a first beta version of the site, a functional version as close as possible to the expected result. At this stage, the customer is invited to test all the functions he had requested and to visit all the pages of the site to check texts, media, etc. After a period determined in agreement with both parties, the client provides feedback to SCROL to comment and correct the work. SCROL includes the desired modifications and offers as soon as possible a new beta version to be tested, until the complete agreement of the customer.